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Contact with coaches directly Dan and Tom. Tips for Technical, Tactical, and Psychological Success. In Slow Motion Breakdown of Technical Shots.


Coaching materials

Access Academy coaches' resources, such as in-depth coaching podcasts and articles, as well as expert equipment advice. Direct communication Submit videos and questions to Mike and Andrew via Coach Corner to get direct answers, feedback, and game analysis


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No matter where you are in your table tennis journey, you are only a few clicks away from learning how to improve your game. Joining the Academy will provide you with the clarity you need to confidently pursue your goals and improve your table tennis in record time.


The Backspin, and Spins

Serving of high quality is essential at all levels of the sport and can make a significant difference in close matches or against opponents of similar skill levels. The spins serve is one of the most commonly used in table tennis and can earn you a lot of cheap points if you master it. We'll show you how to do it and also how to improve your own spin serves.

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Coaching videos with training tools & drills in Premium HD quality, with super slow motion sections to help you learn easily and efficiently. Bring us to your next practice session with 24/7 mobile, tablet, and desktop access to your personal coach from anywhere at any time. In Slow Motion Breakdown of Technical Shots. Drills and Exercises for Professionals. Analysis of Personal Technique and Match. 24/7 Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop. New Content Added Weekly